Kleine Draken Harvest Report 2018

Kleine Draken Harvest Report 2018
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It's been a challenging - yet exciting - past few months at Zandwijk. We can finally reflect back on this year's harvest and share some insight with our loyal customers.

This year's vintage was two weeks later than our 2017 harvest. On the 5th of February 2018, the Zandwijk harvest team rose early to start picking. Jean van Rooyen (image below), General Manager and Winemaker of Zandwijk Wines, said that he was pleased with the quality of the grapes. 

The severe drought and water shortage in the Western Cape led to some challenges Our older vineyards planted in sandy soils struggled due to the lower water retention of the soil. On the contrary, the younger vineyards in clay soils had better retention and did very well in terms of volume. Given the circumstances, we had a reasonable yield with grapes of a high quality potential.

We are excited to announce that we will release our first kosher Chenin Blanc in the Unorthodox range from the 2018 vintage. Be on the lookout for this new offering coming soon!

The actions that involve the wine making process are done under strict supervision by the Cape Town Beth Din and nothing is done without the presence of a Mashgiach. All the wines that are made on Zandwijk are kosher and kosher for Passover. Below you will see David Dadon (Mashgiach from the Cape Town Beth Din), very pleased with the 2018 vintage grapes.

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