"Midweek getaway at Zandwijk Wine Farm" letter from the winners

"Midweek getaway at Zandwijk Wine Farm" letter from the winners
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Who would have thought that a bottle of sour grapes would lead to 3 days of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation?

"After entering the Klein Draken sms competition my wife, Debbie, forgot all about it until your amazing phone call to inform us that we had in fact won and would soon be winging our way to the glorious Cape.

After organizing sleep outs for the kids and packing our bags we headed off to the Gautrain to catch a ride to the airport. We had plenty of time, after all it only takes 15 minutes from Sandton to OR Tambo International, or so we thought.

But like all well laid plans you can never account for that proverbial spanner in the works. Ours was an inoperational credit card machine, as well as, an inoperational, irrational customer ahead of us who just couldn't grasp the concept of a pre paid card. This resulted in us arriving at check in three (3) minutes late just in time to miss our flight!

Fortunately we were able, without too much ado, to get onto the next flight an hour later and so it was that we arrived in sunny Cape Town rested and relaxed. NOT!!!

From here on, however, although the weather did not play it's part everything else was beyond our expectations. The hired car (with GPS nogal) was waiting for us at the airport and soon we were on our way to Paarl (apologies if we had you slightly worried).

Upon our final arrival at your beautiful wine farm we were exceptionally warmly welcomed by you and Jean. WOW, the accommodation far surpassed our expectations. Nobody told us we were staying in a Cape Dutch manor build in 1600's, it was truly magnificent. The picnic in the tasting room was delicious, our other kosher meals were arranged in the fridge, but the cherry on the top was the complete range of Klein Draken wine all ready to be consumed. The afternoon was spent in the company of Jean whose knowledge and enthusiasm was really refreshing. We really recommend that anyone coming to Cape Town has a cellar tour with him, it was extremely interesting and educational. Wine from Zandwijk and cheese from Fairview ended our cellar tour.

Cape Dutch manor, log fire, the finest kosher wines South Africa has to offer and Norrie's chicken pie for dinner, what more could we ask for!

But wait there's more. The next morning we headed off (in the pouring rain) to meet our own personal guide, Deline Morris, for a guided tour of the Jewish Museum. How fitting that we should visit the Holocaust museum on such a grey day. It is a truly sobering experience and one that should not be missed by our younger generation. The rain stopped just as we entered the Jewish Museum. This was followed by a delicious and entertaining lunch with Deline at Riteve's.

Deline suggested that we visit the Heart of Cape Town museum in the afternoon. What an amazing place. The museum is a tribute to Dr Chris Barnard and team that performed the first human heart transplant. Well worth a visit for any visitor to Cape Town.

For dinner we splurged out at Avron's in Sea Point. The delicious ribs and deep fried (parev) ice cream were the crowning glory to what was a fantastic day.

Thursday morning saw us surface slightly later than normal. Could it have been the excitement from the previous day or was it that devious bottle of Klein Draken sparkling wine. We will never know as we said our goodbyes and headed off to Fairview to sample the finest cheese the Cape has to offer. David Cohen at Fairview gave us a brief explanation about Kosher cheese making and after spending a small fortune stocking our fridge back home with cheese we were on our way back to the airport.

Now, just as we started so we should end. Were we overweight, for sure (Norrie's food was outstanding), was our luggage overweight, well the check in lady made a plan and so we write this en route back to Joburg having spent a wonderful 3 days in the company of Zandwijk.

Thanks for a wonderful time.

Jeremy (and Debbie) Dannheisser"


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